Agricultural development the key to industrialization - Yertys Corporation Chair

16.06.2009 09:55

ASTANA. June 16. KAZINFORM /Serik Sabekov/ Experts point out noticeable activity in the work of socio-entrepreneurship corporations today. Taking into account the goal determined by the President at the XII congress of the Nur Otan Party, the corporations have a chance to activate work in the agricultural sphere, as long as the development of the agrarian sector will allow Kazakhstan to make a shoot forward. Chairman of the Board of "Yertys" Socio Entrepreneurship Corporation Yermek Kosherbayev told Kazinform about the nowadays priorities of corporations.

Mr. Kosherbayev, addressing the XII Nur Otan congress the President pointed the directions the development of which will allow Kazakhstan to advance in its industrial-innovative development. The agro-industrial complex, construction and metallurgy are among them. To what extent do socio-entrepreneurship corporations manage to cover these sectors within their projects?

There is no task to cover all the perspective sectors. The point is in the qualitative and successive work on specific projects, realization of which should bring positive economic effects. In this context, we accept the tasks, outlined in the President's Address to the Nation and his speech at the Nur Otan congress as the main goal. Yertys Corporation strives to support national agricultural producers in order to develop not only production but also reprocessing. Today the total sum of agro-industrial projects, considered by the Corporation is up to KZT 4.874 bln. We have already financed projects to the amount of over KZT 1 bln. It was a project on reprocessing and storage of meet and its further sale, implemented by the Corporation together with Karlygash company. Besides, we plan to attract foreign investors to this project, as long as the company has international Muslim Halal certificate. I believe we will discuss this issue with potential investors at the interregional investment forum in Ust-Kamenogorsk next week.

You said that the agricultural projects include work with the assets of the Corporation. The information about Yertis Corporation?s program of livestock development in Irtysh macro-region has been published in the national mass media. Are the projects that you have mentioned included into the program?

Our program "Zhailau" is oriented towards rural residents who do not have initial capital to set up a farm. Yertis plans to encourage rural population to participate in "Zhailau" program. Besides, we intend to include all our projects realized in Pavlodar region including Kachirsky fish farm, "Irtyshskoye" experimental farm, "Peschansky" cattle breeding center and other in the food security belt.

Do you mean the formation of a food security belt in Pavlodar region? Is it the creation of municipal markets selling food products at reasonable price?

Yes, I am referring to the establishment of food security belt around Pavlodar, Aksu. Ekibastuz. Specialists of Yertys Corporation accomplish the work on the concept of establishment of the food belt. 83.5 thousand tons of vegetable products were produced in the region last year. But only 8 vegetable stores of 76 have modern ventilation equipment. Besides, there exists a necessity of construction of vegetable oil refinery plants. Besides, we plan to construct poultry farms. The region can provide itself with cereals as well. For example, today the Corporation is working on the issue of reactivation of a buckwheat producing enterprise. Milk is produced in Pavlodar region as well, but there is no its further reprocessing. The biggest part of the harvest of sunflower seeds is exported to East Kazakhstan region as long as Pavlodar region lacks of capacities on reprocessing of the seeds. Speaking about the cost of the food security belt around Pavlodar, Aksu, Ekibastuz, I can say that we intend to prepare all accounts soon. Approximately, it will be more than KZT 4 bln.