Energy Ministry: Akimats to select EXPO technologies until late Oct

13.10.2017 15:31

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is now considering over 130 projects presented at the Astana Expo 2017 for implementation in Kazakhstan, Director of the Ministry's Renewable Energy Sources Department Ainur Sospanova told a Government briefing, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to her, the Ministry of Energy set up a special expert group to develop proposals for using new technologies of the Expo 2017 exhibition in Kazakhstan.

"The Ministry of Energy monitored the technologies of the international pavilions as to the oil and gas sector, electricity, coal, and atom. Now, we continue working with akimats [public administrations] and companies. Nearly 170 companies are now assessing the selected technologies in terms of the way of adopting the specific technologies, and what specific time frames and specific finances are needed. The akimats are also involved. The akimats are most interested in the technologies that would let them use the principles of smart cities (i.e. the technologies related to information and communication technologies for them to improve the efficiency of the urban infrastructure, housing maintenance, and utilities). This also includes the issues they could solve in energy efficiency, energy saving, are resource consumption. These are the technologies that are under assessment," Ainur Sospanova clarified.

Besides, she said that by the end of October this year the akimats and companies are to prepare a specific list of technologies and roadmaps for adopting them.