Yonhap: We have good partnership relations with Kazinform

13.02.2018 21:41

PYEONGCHANG. KAZINFORM Kazinform correspondent Kunsultan Otarbai, who is now at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, has met with Lee Sung-han of Yonhap News Agency (Republic of Korea), Kazinform correspondent reports.

At the meeting, the sides exchanged views on the relations between the news agencies of the two countries.

Expert of the Global Strategy Team of Yonhap News Agency Son You-min wished the Kazakh athletes high achievements at the PyeongChang Olympics.

"We have good partnership relations with Kazinform International News Agency. I hope that we will continue cooperating in the future. We have long been familiar with Kazinform's activities and are happy to work together," Son You-min said.

Besides, the interlocutors praised the Olympic Games hosted by the Republic of Korea.

As earlier reported, Kazinform International News Agency reached an agreement with Yonhap, a major news agency of the Republic of Korea. According to the agreement, Kazinform got access to the PyeongChang News Service Network (PNN). Using that platform, Yonhap Agency shares all information from the Winter Olympic Games: news, photos, and videos.

Now, Kazinform has the opportunity to timely receive all the necessary information about the Olympic Games. The agreement made it possible not only to cover the Olympic and Paralympic Games but also has a positive impact on the relations between our states.

After the end of the Games, the PNN system will remain as a platform for information exchange between Yonhap and its partners.

It is to be recalled that Yonhap was established on December 19, 1980, through the merger of Hapdong News Agency and Orient Press.

Yonhap News Agency is a media partner of Kazinform.