Longevity industry becomes key component of global economy, President

17.05.2018 12:01

ASTANA. KAZINFORM KAZINFORM President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has raised an issue of providing the global population with food and water. 

"The third megatrend is rapid growth of the global population. Achievements of the scientific and technological progress for the past decades let ramp up the age of human life. For the past 70 years it grew by 23 years from 48 to 71 years. For the years of independence Kazakhstan's life expectancy increased by 7 years from 65 to 72.5 years and exceeds currently the average global life span. The industry of longevity becomes the key component of the global economy," the President stressed taking the floor at the Astana Economic Forum.

However, according to the President, rapid demographic changes require solution of many collateral issues.

"In order to have 10bln population of the world fed in the mid-century it is essential then to produce 60% of food more. And it is a challenging task especially due to the growing shortage of fresh water," the Head of State noted.