Kazakhstan to harvest up to 22M tons of grain in 2018

10.08.2018 18:49

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - According to the information from the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture, the southern regions of the country have harvesting grain since mid-July this year, the main grain-growing regions intend to start harvesting in mid-September and, weather permitting, to complete it until mid-October, Kazinform refers to

According to the regional agricultural departments, the country plans to harvest grain over an area of 15 million hectares.

One of the conditions for harvesting within a reasonable time is a sufficient amount of diesel fuel. In this regard, the Government annually provides crop growers with guaranteed fuel.

Based on the forecast made by regional agriculture departments, this year's total grain harvest is expected to be 21 to 22 million tons.

Moreover, every year the Government creates a grain reserve. JSC Food Contract Corporation National Company has formed a reserve stock of grain totaling 500,000 tons.

It should be mentioned that most of the harvest is exported. For instance, in the past 2017-2018 marketing year, Kazakhstan exported 9.87 million tons of grain and flour (in grain equivalent).

The Agriculture Ministry mentioned that the annual cereal grains production in Kazakhstan is about 18-20 million tons. Taking into account the domestic consumption and carry-over stocks, the export potential of Kazakhstan is 8 to 9 million tons of grain and flour (in grain equivalent).

In addition to cereals production, Kazakhstan is also one of the world's top oil plants producers. According to the ministry, this year the area for growing oil plants reached 2.8 million hectares (more than in 2017 by 375,000 hectares). Besides, the country has 446,700-hectare lands of grain legumes.